Shenzhen jieshida silicone rubber products Co., Ltd. we are silicone products manufacturer, established in 2015, located in Shenzhen city, Guang dong province, near the Hong Kong and Guang zhou city, enjoy convenient Air port, Harbor to the world everywhere.

It's committed to the development of silicone rubber products industry, with an annual output of more than 100 tons of rubber products, specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of finished silicone rubber products. With the strong technical and economic strength of the company, it has developed new products with international advanced technology level.


From baby feeder, toys, plates, food grade dinner sets and other kids silicone products, to your favorite pets' travel friendly accessories like bathing silicone sets and portable food bowls; Shenzhen Jieshida Silicone Rubber Product Company has a huge and customizable variety of edible-friendly, environment-friendly and décor-friendly Rubber Products for your Households and Workplaces alike! Find out your favorite product and get connected for the best value.


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our relatively low raw material and tooling costs, together with high speed automated manufacturing processes result in very competitive unit costs.


What Is A Baby Stroller?

Jul 27,2022

A stroller is one of the essential equipment you'll need for a new baby, toddler, or young child. You'll use it for everyday walks with your child indoors and outdoors, outings to the mall or amusement park, and even when traveling. On the other hand, choosing the correct stroller might be difficult. There are so many alternatives to pick from! Many designs, types, features, and minor yet crucial elements can make or break the one you like or prefer over another. A baby stroller is one of the most expensive purchases you'll make when preparing for your child's birth. And with so many alternatives available, it may be a daunting experience for any new parent. Once you've made that decision, though, it's a long-lasting investment that may easily take you from infant to preschool age. That is why it is critical to conduct research and ask yourself some vital questions before you begin shopping. What Is My Budget? Strollers may be costly, so knowing your budget before you begin can help reduce your search and keep you on target. Are Accessories Included? Some strollers include necessary attachments such as tray tables and weather shields, while others need you to purchase them separately. Hand warmers for strollers are an optional accessory you should consider. They keep your hands warm and dry even in the worst weather, and they make an excellent complement to any stroller. What Kind Of Terrain Will Be You Using Your Stroller On?  Consider if you intend to use your stroller just on pavement and indoor surfaces or whether you intend to use it on trails and lengthy lengths of gravel. The wheels of a stroller will tell you what sort of terrain it can manage. Small plastic wheels are only suitable for paved areas, but huge, heavy-duty wheels are ideal for lengthy lengths of gravel or cobblestone. It would be best to consider whether you want air-filled rubber tires or no-flat tires. Air-filled tires are suitable for all surfaces, although there is a chance of a flat. Do You Need Lots Of Storage? Suppose you want to take your stroller with you when shopping; for example, you might want to choose a stroller with a wider underbelly to hold your belongings. Carrying a baby out entails taking diapers, extra clothing, bottles, a thermal bottle bag, and a lovely compact changing mat. Can The Stroller Be Used With A Newborn, Or Is An Adapter Needed? Some strollers may be used immediately with a newborn, while others require an adaptor or a specific cushion. Some strollers also have a bassinet, which is ideal for babies. You should also consider whether you will utilize your baby car seat with the stroller and whether an additional adaptor is required. Is There An Adjustable 5-Point Harness That’s Easy To Use? Baby must be safe and secure in their stroller, so make sure the stroller you pick has an easy-to-use 5-point harness (for yourself and for other caregivers too). Is The Brake Easy To Use? You'll want a quick and easy-to-use brake when you're out and about and need to stop. When looking for stroller alternatives, make sure you test out the brake - it's easy to ignore! Is The Stroller Easy To Push, Pull, And Pivot? You'll want a simple stroller to push, pull, and tilt, especially with a baby inside. When looking for strollers, carry something heavy (your handbag may suffice) to simulate the weight of a baby - the retailer may even provide something for you to use. Then, as you would on a regular walk or shopping trip, push, pull, and pivot. It will give you an excellent sense of how the stroller will operate with a baby. Can It Transition To A Double Stroller? It may seem early to consider baby number two. Still, if you anticipate expanding your family shortly, it's a good idea to check into a stroller that can accommodate an extra seat. Are You Looking For An All-Purpose Stroller Or A Lightweight Travel Stroller? Some of the best strollers on the market can be very substantial, so if you anticipate doing a lot of traveling with your stroller, seek something tiny and lightweight. You may also want to consider purchasing a couple of different strollers for different purposes (for example, one for vacation, one for running/trails, one for everyday usage, and so on). Many online wholesale baby products exporter deals in high-quality baby strollers, which customers rely upon at the most affordable prices worldwide. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect stroller, so select the one that best meets your needs. Don't simply buy the first baby stroller you see - take your time, check them out, and try to visualize yourself using it in your daily life. It may seem not very smart, but you'll be pleased you did once your new baby is securely inside.

Is Silicone Safe For Baby Products?

Mar 4,2022

因为我们有时会为我们的婴儿提供最好的自己的后代胜过是我们所有的孩子的天性,因为在人类中看到了动物的天性。因此,所有这些生命都倾向于为他们宝宝最好的。在婴儿配饰与情况下,我们寻找这些敏感的天使一起使用的选项。  婴儿对周围同时发生的变化非常敏感,因为即使它们的变化会给他们带来很大的变化,因为它们会发生我们的变化,因为它们会发生变化的十倍左右,因为它们的变化会影响我们的生活。因此,我们确保我们提供给我们的产品都应该由天然成分组成,并且可能会对它们产生各种有害影响。的所有化学物质和成分。 婴儿用品 The silicone baby accessories dealers supply various products that we see are quite essential to be used for the babies. These products and accessories make it easier to take care of babies these products could be in the form of teethers, pacifiers, and teething mittens. All these products are very important products since they are related to a very important part of our body, which is our mouth. That can directly lead to the inside of our body. Thus, the products that are used for such important purposes and are used at such sensitive parts, should be made from the components that are least harmful. For instance; Silicon.  Silicon material is considered to be a versatile material that is known around the world for its flexible nature, its biocompatibility, and its resistance to the changing temperatures and various environmental changes like the UV light and radiations and changes in the structure of ozone. It is because of its flexible nature that it is used in manufacturing things that are used by the babies as being flexible, they do not break easily. It is because of the property of being resistant to temperature and other factors that they can last for a long time in a certain environment and can be sterilized in boiling water as well to ensure the safety from germs. And they do not release chemicals that could harm the health of the babies. Why Are Silicon Products So Famous Around The World? Not only these advantages but there are various other advantages of using the silicon rubber that includes: •Environmental Factors Silicon rubbers show a high level of resistance to environmental factors that could be very hard sometimes, such factors include the effect of temperature, the effect of UV radiations, and the effects of corrosive chemicals. The silicon material shows resistance against all. •Thermal Stability The silicone rubbers show resistance against the changes in temperature thus they will maintain their shape, durability, and their flexibility even in extreme temperatures. •Moisture Sealant The objects that are made up of silicon are also water-resistant and can take any shape thus they serve the purpose of being sealants too. •Easy Sterilization 由于硅橡胶可以承受高温和刺激性化学品的影响,因此可以使用刺激性化学品和其他消毒方法(如在水中煮沸)对其进行消毒。

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