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Our company specializes in producing high-quality silicone baby products, silicon pet products, and silicon kitchen accessories.  Dealers choose our products due to the reliability and safety application that customer demands these days. We are a highly professional company producing tons of annual output of silicon products with a growing number of customers every subsequent year. 

Our company specializes in the research and development sector to improve our production procedures.  Due to a robust approach towards development, we have reached and adopted an advanced technology level.  


From baby feeder, toys, plates, food grade dinner sets and other kids silicone products, to your favorite pets' travel friendly accessories like bathing silicone sets and portable food bowls; Shenzhen Jieshida Silicone Rubber Product Company has a huge and customizable variety of edible-friendly, environment-friendly and décor-friendly Rubber Products for your Households and Workplaces alike! Find out your favorite product and get connected for the best value.


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Silicone material can be used for the food production lines?

Dec 29,2022

Silicone rubber can be found on many food production lines, from chocolate casting to baking muffins and cake. Silicone offers a food safe option for casting or moulding food and can also withstand high temperatures if ovens are used as part of the production line.So now have many different size for silicone cake mold , silicone baking mat ,silicone food bag ,silicone cup and silicone straw.  Silicone can be easily coloured to help with identification of different product groups, such as vegetarian, vegan or Gluten Free options.After use on the production lines the silicone can be put through cleaning cycles and steam sterilized with no adverse effects and then used again.safe in the food production lines. Jieshida factory have experience of helping customers to design silicone food moulds /silicone mat/silicone storage bag /silicone straw to ensure optimal efficiency on their production lines.  Often a bespoke silicone mold tray solution manufactured to suit the customers production line will be far more beneficial than a standard off the shelf product. We can take the customers information and produce 3D CAD models of the solutions. This allows us to present the customer with 3D renders with critical dimensions as well as costs for tooling and production batches. With our China factory we can ensure quick turnaround of a solution, quotations and then production deliveries. Please contact us to see if we can assist with your requirements or if current solutions are due for re-evaluation.

Why silicone is the best material for kid's toys?

Dec 8,2022

As far as toys, tableware, and placemats for children are concerned, parents are often searching for plastic substitutes. People often refer to silicone as the new plastic. But this is misleading as silicone is an environment-friendly substance with none of the destructive qualities that plastic has. Contrary to plastic, silicone is sustainable, safe, and natural. Now the question coming to your mind is, what is silicone? People have derived the term silicone from silica, a natural material present in the sand. As sand is a highly abundant substance found in the earth's crust, it is a great beginning point for a sustainable substance. Then silica is processed with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen to develop a non-toxic polymer. Contrary to that, plastic is composed of a non-renewable resource, crude oil, and contains dangerous toxins like bisphenol S and bisphenol A. Why should people opt for silicone? The base material of silicone silica does not consist of the same chemicals present in petrol-based plastics and has been considered safe since the nineteen seventies. Unlike plastic, silicone does not contain dangerous toxins like bisphenol S, bisphenol A, micro plastics or phthalates. That is why manufacturers often utilize silicone to make baby products, cookware, kid's medical and tableware supplies, and parents purchase silicone kids toys from their suppliers. Another reason which make manufacturers employ silicone to create products for babies and parents prefer to buy silicone products for their children is that it is sturdier than plastic. Plus it can tolerate freezing, immense and cold pressure and high heat, making it a strong choice for child's play. Another advantage of using food-grade silicone is that food-grade silicone products do not release any siloxanes even when this material gets exposed to massive levels of fat and heat. Parents also prefer silicone for their kids and babies as food-grade silicone is flexible, simple, and lightweight. Plus, it has hygienic and hypoallergenic qualities (it lacks open pores to help microbes flourish). It is particularly convenient for bath toys, protective sleeves, mats, bibs, and snack containers. While people like one hundred percent natural rubber for pacifiers and teethers, silicone has a strong track record for secure utilization in teethers, pacifiers, and baby bottle nipples. Another quality of food-grade silicone which makes people love it for their kids and babies is that it is waterproof.  The American food safety regulator has declared that food-grade silicone is safe, meaning that it would not react with other substances or discharge dangerous composites whenever heated. The regulator considers it to be food-safe, which is why manufacturers use food-grade silicone to make toys, mats, kitchen utensils, baking dishes, sippy cups, plates, and baby bottle nipples.  Is All Silicone The Same? Like many substances, there are levels of quality as far as silicone is concerned. This blog recommends you utilize silicone that is approved as being food grade. This grade involves strict processing to destroy contaminants. Some other terminologies people might come across encompass medical grade silicone, premium grade silicone, and LFGB silicone Can People Recycle Silicone? People can recycle silicone many times, providing another benefit over several plastics. Nevertheless, at present several councils do not provide this facility. This may be changed as many commodities are composed of silicone. If people recycle silicone appropriately, they can transform it into rubberized commodities like playground mats, sports surfaces and roadbases.  Is Silicone Biodegradable? Silicone is not decomposable, which is fully not a bad thing. When plastics decompose, they often release microplastic pollutants that are dangerous for marine and wildlife. So whereas silicone would not biodegrade, it also will never be found in the stomachs of sea creatures and birds. By selecting silicone for our commodities, manufacturers intend to cut down the negative effect on the earth by manufacturing gifts and toys that can be reutilized repeatedly. Not just it develops less waste in our atmosphere, it also releases less production pollutants which represents a win-win situation for the earth and people.  Benefits Of Using Silicone Toys 1 Sturdiness As a toy, people must wash silicone toys after a long duration. People can sterilize silicone toys by scalding or boiling them, and the toys themselves will not get damaged.  2 Long Life Span Silicone substance has anti-itching qualities in the air and would not evaporate as their life span is extremely long. Not to state the lifespan of one decade and two decades. If parents have two children and their one child has grown up while playing with a silicone toy, then another child could grow up and play with the same silicone toy and the color of that toy would not fade away. 3 Safety Of The Child  Silicone toys are much safer for a child than plastic toys as plastic is hard and can cut the baby.

Why You Should Use Silicone In Mother And Child Care Products?

Oct 7,2022

When it comes to the babies the mothers are usually seen to have very high standards, especially for the items that are used in order to take care of the babies and the same goes for the food that is being used and the drugs as well. Thus, while designing mother and baby care products, the industries are highly careful and they make sure to provide the material of the finest quality. In the case of mother and child care products, we get to see that it is very important to make sure that the materials that are used are hypoallergenic, durable, long-lasting, smooth, comfortable in the terms of usage, and easy to clean as well. these are the type of characteristics that are usually found in very few materials. These characteristics could be seen in the case of liquid silicone rubber, which is being used all around the world as the material of choice as we get to see that industries are using this material widely in order to create various different products for the child and mother’s care.  This material is being used in order to produce products that are in the form of pacifiers, baby bottles, nipples, inserts, etc. the mother s may also find them in infant formula packaging as well and in the type of products that are used in order to collect and store the milk whether it is the formula milk or the breast milk. The molecular structure of this liquid silicone rubber makes it an option that is ideal because of the fact that it is resistant to many harmful agents and being manufactured through the process of injection molding allows it allows to make various unique designs in order to make various different types of products. Thus, it is the material that is considered best when it comes to mother and infant products.  Benefits Of Using Liquid Silicone Baby Products The liquid silicone material is widely seen be used all around the world because of the fact there are a variety of benefits that are associated with the use of this material. Its various benefits make it a type of product that can be used in various different applications. Because of the fact that liquid silicone rubber has a very unique chemical structure that provides it a characteristic that helps prevent the bottles from harboring bacteria, and nipples protectors from being irritable to the skin, however, there are various other qualities in the form of: 1.Biocompatible: Liquid silicone rubber is a type of material that is compatible in a way that it can be used in manufacturing parts that might be in contact with the human body for a very long period of time.   2.Hypoallergenic: Liquid silicone rubber is a hypoallergenic material, which means that it is a material that will not cause any irritation to the skin even if it stays in contact with the skin for a very long period of time. There are various different types of products in the industry of life science and in the industries that manufacture other and child care products that come in contact with the human body for a long period of time. All these products are usually made up using the material in the form of liquid silicone.  3.Hygienic: When it comes to the mother and baby care products, we get to see that many of the mother and child care products do not necessarily require production in an environment with controlled cleanliness measures. However, in order to produce the products that are to be in contact with the human body, it is suggested that one should make sure that there had been a minimum human touch that can contribute positively to the overall part of hygiene maintenance.  4.Inert: In the case of the products that are used by the mother and the child it is very important to make sure that these products do not react with the chemicals, this makes it water resistant and resistant to oxidization, UV and ozone radiations as well. in the case of Liquid silicone rubber, it is noticed that it is also resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals. This property makes these products highly safe for use.  5.Tasteless And Odorless: Silicon is a material that is tasteless and odorless that is an ideal material that is used in order to design products like bottles, teats, sippy cups, etc. 

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