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May 22,2023

How to choose the feeding set suitable for babies?

Silicone two-color technology without burrs, now we can realize it in the baby's dinner plate, this technology allows us to achieve better visual effects, for babies, color is the first step to stimulate the senses, the second step is the touch, silicone The material is soft, and its touch is like tender skin, which is very hand-feeling. Babies' self-feeding is often mess ,so how should we choose a suitable tableware for babies?


The interesting shape can attract the baby not to be restless, and it can make the baby sit on the dining chair more effectively. Rich colors are easier to attract babies, and we can now match better-looking colors. Cultivating babies to eat independently will definitely lead to chaos, food will be everywhere, and more importantly, we must prevent them from knocking over all the food. This is a moment of collapse, so the bottom of the dinner plate must have suction cups , it can grab the dinner plate more effectively, and the mechanism we set can be opened. No matter what, the baby will not take it at all, unless the meal is completed.

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When the baby is teething, it's extremely uncomfortable, so he wants to chew on everything in his hands, including his fingers. Then we made a series of products around the baby, using the characteristics of the silicone material, safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, BPA free, soft and wear-resistant, easy to clean, etc., to make a molar stick suitable for the baby, and more series The styles and shapes can be customized according to your ideas, which is what our factory can provide. In the next step, we can add more rich colors and design a baby's favorite toy, which can comfort the baby when he is irritable. If you have any idea ,we are open to further suggestions

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