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May 17,2023

How to custom your own silicone product?

Jieshida is a professional manufacturer and exporter of silicone product in china, including bathroom supply , daily supply and kitchen accessory, ice and cake mold, pet bowl. We support ODM and OEM service. We will introduce you how to custom your own silicone product in this article.


First, We need the 3D CAD files for mold making, stp /step is available, or you can also give us your draft for further confirm,such as digital photos or hand paint etc. With so many customization to choose from, the one you ultimately select will depend on the product type you manufacture as well as its usage, your branding, and your budget. Our engineers and designers work with you to make sure your product are designed according to your specifications.Besides, the Pantong Color Matching System represents our color standards. But its not just used by us. It happens to be a common standardized color system used all over the world by manufacturers. 

Second, choose the Material. The different silicone products should be with different material, production processes and quality requirements. 

One is HTV Solid silicone.1)Precipitated silicone rubber.

a.Ordinary Silicone Rubber.b.Food Grade Silicone Rubber.

2)Fumed silicone rubber property.

Another one is LSR Silicone Rubber.1Precipitated silicone rubber.2Fumed silicone rubber. 

The food Grade Silicone material meets FDA and EU requirements for food contact and safety. 

Third, choose the molding method and process.

A:HTV /HCR(Hot/room temperature vulcanization) silicone molding:

B:Liquid silicone rubber injection molding (LIM or LSR molding).C:Multi-color Precision co-injection Dripping molding. 

Fourth, Place an sampling order after determining silicone sample product, we will proceed with the mass production immediately.

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