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Dec 29,2022

Silicone material can be used for the food production lines?

Silicone rubber can be found on many food production lines, from chocolate casting to baking muffins and cake.

Silicone offers a food safe option for casting or moulding food and can also withstand high temperatures if ovens are used as part of the production line.So now have many different size for silicone cake mold , silicone baking mat ,silicone food bag ,silicone cup and silicone straw. 

Silicone can be easily coloured to help with identification of different product groups, such as vegetarian, vegan or Gluten Free options.After use on the production lines the silicone can be put through cleaning cycles and steam sterilized with no adverse effects and then used in the food production lines.

Jieshida factory have experience of helping customers to design silicone food moulds /silicone mat/silicone storage bag /silicone straw to ensure optimal efficiency on their production lines. 

Often a bespoke silicone mold tray solution manufactured to suit the customers production line will be far more beneficial than a standard off the shelf product.

We can take the customers information and produce 3D CAD models of the solutions. This allows us to present the customer with 3D renders with critical dimensions as well as costs for tooling and production batches.

With our China factory we can ensure quick turnaround of a solution, quotations and then production deliveries.

Please contact us to see if we can assist with your requirements or if current solutions are due for re-evaluation.

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