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Oct 7,2022

Silicone New Energy - Helping Green Technology

Silicone New Energy - Helping Green Technology

In the 21st century, the technological revolution is always accompanied by the generation of new energy. From solar energy and wind energy to biofuels and hydrogen energy derived from renewable energy, a large number of new energy products have begun to be active in people's daily life. Words such as environmental protection and renewable once became traffic code. People are increasingly pursuing scientific and technological activities that can not only protect physical health and the environment, but also promote sustainable economic development - green technology. At the same time, as a renewable and environmentally friendly material, silicone material has gradually entered the public's field of vision, and together with other new energy sources, it has contributed to the development of green technology.

Is silicone environmentally friendly? Is silicone harmless to the human body? How does silicone help green technology? With the popularity of silica gel, people's discussion of silica gel has become more and more enthusiastic.Cheng Yanru fully elaborated the chemical properties of silica gel and the application of silica gel in her article "The Development Status and Application of Silica Gel". She showed that silica gel has the characteristics of stability, high adsorption performance and good thermal stability, and has a relatively high performance. High mechanical strength, is a highly active porous environmental protection material. These properties give silicone a variety of opportunities to transform into products. Some of these special silicone products can also have high temperature resistance (up to 330 degrees), food grade (fully in line with the US FDA, LFGB standards), medical grade, flame retardant grade, and can also have luminous, negative ions, discoloration by adding auxiliary raw materials. , and other characteristics, these characteristics are in line with people's requirements for green technology, and through scientific and technological means, it can be turned into products that are environmentally friendly, healthy and can promote economic development.

It can be seen that silica gel has great development prospects in the food and medical industries. Through modern technology, more and more silica gel products will appear to improve people's lives. In addition, silicone products have a good development in agriculture, petrochemical industry and inkjet printing technology. More and more scholars have great confidence in silica gel energy. I believe that in the future, silica gel new energy will help The development of green technology produces more environmentally friendly and healthy products that are beneficial to the production and life of society.

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