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Oct 7,2022

Unexpected silicone mold

1. What is a silicone mold?

If you often go to a cake shop, you are likely to see a special cake mold in the cake shop. It looks exactly the same as other cake containers, but it is neither tin foil nor iron plate, let alone a disposable paper cup, but a new type of environmentally friendly material - silicone.


Silicone has been a good material for making various handicrafts in recent years due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, fine simulation. At the same time, silicone molds that can make various handicrafts have also begun to become popular in the market.

2.Benefits of using silicone molds

Why don't cake shops continue to use traditional cake containers instead of silicone molds? In addition to the advantages of environmental protection, are there any other benefits of silicone molds in people's daily life? The answer is yes. Silicone is soft, and with the support of modern technology, people can already produce completely safe silicone products. With the help of technology, silicone can become any shape that people want. It can become various molds, involving many aspects of daily life, carrying out simple and large-scale production, and saving Materials and production time


3.Different types of silicone molds


Food-grade silicone baking mold


This is a relatively common silicone mold, but it is not the simplest. It has many different styles and can make all kinds of strange cakes, cookies, etc. As long as you can design a unique mold, you can make your own exclusive snacks.

Toy mold without BPA


The soft and safe properties of silicone make it an indispensable material for children's toys. More and more silicone toys, silicone Baby grip toys, silicone decompression toys have become popular in the market, and silicone toy molds were born.