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May 17,2023

What is Liquid Silicone

Silicone gloves, silicone toys, silicone kitchen utensils... You must see these products everywhere in your life. In 2022, the word "silicone" is no longer unfamiliar. Its environmental friendly features make people frequently and willing to use it as a raw material to produce various products, but The products produced by different "silica gel" are different. For example, there is a category of silicone called "liquid silicone", have you heard of it?


In the 1970s, with the maturity of silicone technology, domestic and foreign research began to develop a liquid silicone rubber that satisfies the injection molding process. However, due to the limited level at that time, the development was relatively slow. After 20 years of continuous attempts and breakthroughs, it finally ushered in a period of great development of liquid silicone rubber in the 1990s. Since then, the variety of silicone rubber has begun to diversify, and even all high-temperature silicone rubber products can be realized with liquid silicone rubber, which greatly broadens the application range of liquid silicone rubber. Among the most prominent aspects are baby products, medical supplies and electronic products. Li Juan, a well-known scholar, mentioned in his article "The Development Status of Addition Liquid Silicone Rubber Industry" that liquid silicone is superior to ordinary silicone rubber. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, fast vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet food level requirements.Liquid silicone has excellent tear resistance, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, aging resistance, fatigue resistance, etc. These characteristics have laid the foundation for the development of liquid silicone in infants, medical supplies and electronic products. The more common ones are baby pacifiers, feeding bottles, medical hoses, anti-noise earplugs, buttons for products such as telephones and computers, and so on.

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In addition, liquid silicone has a good development in the construction industry, the automotive industry, and even the aviation industry, such as being used as a sealant for road seams, automotive ignition wires, spark plug protection covers, and used in aircraft and spaceships. of various hoses, etc. In the future, there will be more and more liquid silicone products flooding into people's lives. Maybe one day the tableware, clothes, bags and other daily necessities we eat will become silicone products. At that time, "liquid Silicone" is truly everywhere!

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