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Dec 8,2022

Why silicone is the best material for kid's toys?

As far as toys, tableware, and placemats for children are concerned, parents are often searching for plastic substitutes. People often refer to silicone as the new plastic. But this is misleading as silicone is an environment-friendly substance with none of the destructive qualities that plastic has. Contrary to plastic, silicone is sustainable, safe, and natural. Now the question coming to your mind is, what is silicone? People have derived the term silicone from silica, a natural material present in the sand. As sand is a highly abundant substance found in the earth's crust, it is a great beginning point for a sustainable substance. Then silica is processed with oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen to develop a non-toxic polymer. Contrary to that, plastic is composed of a non-renewable resource, crude oil, and contains dangerous toxins like bisphenol S and bisphenol A.

Why should people opt for silicone?

The base material of silicone silica does not consist of the same chemicals present in petrol-based plastics and has been considered safe since the nineteen seventies. Unlike plastic, silicone does not contain dangerous toxins like bisphenol S, bisphenol A, micro plastics or phthalates.

That is why manufacturers often utilize silicone to make baby products, cookware, kid's medical and tableware supplies, and parents purchase silicone kids toys from their suppliers. Another reason which make manufacturers employ silicone to create products for babies and parents prefer to buy silicone products for their children is that it is sturdier than plastic. Plus it can tolerate freezing, immense and cold pressure and high heat, making it a strong choice for child's play. Another advantage of using food-grade silicone is that food-grade silicone products do not release any siloxanes even when this material gets exposed to massive levels of fat and heat.

Parents also prefer silicone for their kids and babies as food-grade silicone is flexible, simple, and lightweight. Plus, it has hygienic and hypoallergenic qualities (it lacks open pores to help microbes flourish). It is particularly convenient for bath toys, protective sleeves, mats, bibs, and snack containers. While people like one hundred percent natural rubber for pacifiers and teethers, silicone has a strong track record for secure utilization in teethers, pacifiers, and baby bottle nipples. Another quality of food-grade silicone which makes people love it for their kids and babies is that it is waterproof. 

The American food safety regulator has declared that food-grade silicone is safe, meaning that it would not react with other substances or discharge dangerous composites whenever heated. The regulator considers it to be food-safe, which is why manufacturers use food-grade silicone to make toys, mats, kitchen utensils, baking dishes, sippy cups, plates, and baby bottle nipples. 

Is All Silicone The Same?

Like many substances, there are levels of quality as far as silicone is concerned. This blog recommends you utilize silicone that is approved as being food grade. This grade involves strict processing to destroy contaminants. Some other terminologies people might come across encompass medical grade silicone, premium grade silicone, and LFGB silicone

Can People Recycle Silicone?

People can recycle silicone many times, providing another benefit over several plastics. Nevertheless, at present several councils do not provide this facility. This may be changed as many commodities are composed of silicone. If people recycle silicone appropriately, they can transform it into rubberized commodities like playground mats, sports surfaces and roadbases. 

Is Silicone Biodegradable?

Silicone is not decomposable, which is fully not a bad thing. When plastics decompose, they often release microplastic pollutants that are dangerous for marine and wildlife. So whereas silicone would not biodegrade, it also will never be found in the stomachs of sea creatures and birds. By selecting silicone for our commodities, manufacturers intend to cut down the negative effect on the earth by manufacturing gifts and toys that can be reutilized repeatedly. Not just it develops less waste in our atmosphere, it also releases less production pollutants which represents a win-win situation for the earth and people. 

Benefits Of Using Silicone Toys

1 Sturdiness

As a toy, people must wash silicone toys after a long duration. People can sterilize silicone toys by scalding or boiling them, and the toys themselves will not get damaged. 

2 Long Life Span

Silicone substance has anti-itching qualities in the air and would not evaporate as their life span is extremely long. Not to state the lifespan of one decade and two decades. If parents have two children and their one child has grown up while playing with a silicone toy, then another child could grow up and play with the same silicone toy and the color of that toy would not fade away.

3 Safety Of The Child 

Silicone toys are much safer for a child than plastic toys as plastic is hard and can cut the baby.

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