silicone baby product

Best Silicone Baby Products Suppliers In The Marketplace 

Being in the industry for so long, we have gained recognition and are known among other private-label suppliers for providing quality products.We are acquainted with baby product brands, distributors, product development companies, and wholesale baby product exporters, making us super professional and competent in all big projects. So many companies in OEM and ODM silicone baby and kids feeding/toy/travel/accessories products count on us for premium service and deliveries, and the next can be yours.

100% FDA OR LFGB Standards 

All our silicone baby products are 100% FDA-approved and certified for LFGB standards, which means they are also BPA -free. They have a less environmental impact than other plastic products, more than this, they are also recyclable, serving goodness and care to the consumers.Being a silicone baby products manufacturer, we believe that the product should be safe and environmentally friendly raw materials is why we encourage the same trends, making our products safer than ever.

Why Choose Jieshida Silicones Baby Products?

Living around silicone baby products manufacturer gives us great exposure to the huge competition which made us invest in vast expertise and the development of successful products to beat others in the space. Using our decades of experience, we are able to serve multiple projects with excellent efficiency.

Working with us helps private label brands accelerate their businesses consistently by delivering great products to the marketplace.Great news for all wholesale silicone baby products suppliers is that we have optimize our manufacturing facilities which mean we are up for a bulk project of silicon baby products. 

Why Most Wholesale Silicone Baby Products Suppliers Count On Us?

Buying wholesale products from one supplier is a big decision, which is why it is good to know certain things about our company and why so many suppliers have faith in our silicone baby kid's toys.

•Consistent purity and quality with all products, whether they are teethers, feeders, or platters 

•Unique processing that ensures transparency in all finished products.

•Tested and certified material applications in all products.

•Customization in designing all products, the ability to curate complex designs.

Contain Only 100% Pure Silicone

All our products are safe and produced from 100 percent pure silicone. We have employed LFGB silicone which is more costly than FDA because LFGB because they don’t allow any fillers. We follow strict standards, which is why our Bulk silicone baby products are free from fillers, including formaldehyde or other toxins.