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Wholesale Silicone Baby Products Supplier & Bulk Silicone Baby Products Exporters

Shenzhen Jieshida Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd has been a professional silicone baby products manufacturer and customised silicone baby products, supplier. Our silicon baby products are available in various styles, vibrant colours, and novel and unique designs. We also deal in the customised production of silicon accessories.

Food Grade Silicon Is Guaranteed 

LSR 8600 is a highly regarded food-grade silicone that is highly adaptable in many applications. Moreover, most of our silicone baby products are produced with this material because this is best for producing geometric designs, which is helpful in the production of different products of various designs and sizes.

We also keep LSR 8800 in our production consideration, and the silicon is perfect for increasing production efficiency. But we only consider using ISO 10993 certified silicon, which is best for especially baby products that meet all physical and chemical requirements.

Why Choose Jieshida For Your Baby Care Materials?

Our manufacturing setups and silicone rubber experts have served the industries for decades, making us a highly reliable producer of silicon baby products and a successful wholesale silicone baby products supplier with vast experience in various distribution channels.

Being a part of this industry for several years, our consumers consider ourselves the most professional and domestic kitchenware manufacturers and suppliers. Our consumer confidence in our products encourages us to accelerate our production quality and introduce innovative solutions for the most demanding industry of food silicone.

What Quality Features Can You Get In Our Bulk Silicone Baby Products?

•Consistent quality involves the production system ranging from raw material to finished silicon baby products.

•For babies, safety is an essential factor that is why our silicon baby accessories are the best choice due to their non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating features. 

•Our Silicone kids' toys are known for Long-term application.

Effectiveness Of Silicone Material To Make Quality Baby Care Products 

Silicone rubber's natural structure can be adapted to meet the quality requirement for making a wide range of bottles and nipples and other silicon baby products with great diversity. The efficient processibility of silicon makes it a viable option for manufacturers and suppliers for baby accessories production. For silicone baby products manufacturers like us, the best part about using silicon material can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing systems.

Why Choose Jieshida As Best Silicone Baby Accessories Supplier For Your Business?

We deal in mass-market manufacturing by growing production volumes and proficiently serving the industry's needs. Our team of silicone baby accessories suppliers has been serving the baby care industry for decades and has developed immense expertise in silicone baby products manufacturing and supply.

We have developed many innovative solutions in our manufacturing process to provide customers with the most versatile and safest Bulk silicone baby products for our delicate users. Our products involve food-grade silicone bibs, silicon feeders, feeding plates, Baby toys, baby teethers, and utensils that are mothers' high preference for safety and convenience.

We Follow Best Practices During Production 

Every product that steps out of our company exhibits perfection because a precision method is behind its production. We follow all safety measures required to produce Bulk silicone baby products.Being a professional silicone baby products manufacturer, we understand the sensitivity of producing quality baby products; we use the finest quality raw material and state-of-the-art production procedures.

Our State -Of -The -Art Production Process 

Our precision process goes through 3 steps to take baby products from raw material to finished condition. We have the complete control over our process, from raw material to trimming to finishes and everything in between.

Bulk Molding 

Material stripes are typically injected and formed into mouldings to provide a unique shape to each product.


After mouldings the raw material, there is always a need for trimming and cutting extra edges, which is normally done in stage 2 to bring uniformity to each product.

Final oven treatment 

After trimming, the second last step of the process left, which is oven treatment, takes about 6 to 8 hours to consolidate the products for delivery; this is an FDA-approved step followed in all production procedures of different products that we deal in.

Quality control  

This step is the most usual and crucial one because this can make or break your entire supply process. Strict quality control always ends up with good customer response. Everything is wholly checked before dispatch, which translates into higher sales.