• Dishwasher Safe Multi Colored 12 pieces pink Utensils kitchenware cookware sets
  • Dishwasher Safe Multi Colored 12 pieces pink Utensils kitchenware cookware sets

Dishwasher Safe Multi Colored 12 Pieces Pink Utensils Kitchenware Cookware Sets

Port shenzhen port
Packaging box
Lead Time 7-15 days


Color pink, blue, black, green Weight 1.5kg
OEM/ODM accept
Product Name
Silicone Cooking Utensil
Item No.
100% food grade silicone
Custom Log
Home Kitchen
Place of Origin
Shenzhen China


Best Silicon Kitchen Utensils Set 

Shenzhen jieshida silicone rubber products Co., Ltd. It is the brand that is famous all around the world for producing top-quality silicon products that facilitate people in a way that makes their lives more accessible and convenient. Among our incredible products is the kitchen cookware set stands as the product that is most preferred why chefs around the globe because of the fact that it is made up of high-grade silicone that is the safest option that could be used for the purpose of cooking as this top-quality silicon does not release any harmful chemicals or toxins while cooking. Also, this silicon makes this cookware a highly durable option that lasts for an extended period of time.


Being made from fine quality silicon material, these products are safe against the dishwasher; thus, it does not wear or get damaged while being cleaned in a dishwasher, thus making it convenient for the users to clean it. Moreover, these kitchen cookwares are made up of material that shows resistance against high temperatures as well. Thus, even at high temperatures during cooking, these products are safe to use as, unlike plastics and rubbers, they do not release any chemicals or toxins at high temperatures.  This set includes a variety of kitchen tools that are used for various different purposes, and the flexibility of the material of silicon makes it easier to use them in various different applications of cooking and baking. The availability of a variety of colors makes it easier for the users to select the best.